Spreading The Message


Paul ends the second chapter of his letter to Titus with these words, "These things speak and exhort and reprove with all authority. Let no one disregard you." Having begun with an admonition to sound doctrine, he ends this great chapter telling the young missionary what he needs to be doing with that doctrine he has been given. Four imperatives, or commands, lay it all out for him. Titus is to....


     A. That is the word Paul used in 2:1

     B. Titus is to verbalize or communicate.

     C. The truths of sound doctrine that Paul had been discussing must be told.


     A. In other words, he is to encourage and beseech

     B. That is what he told him to specifically do with the young men in 2:6


     A. Titus is to convict and convince with authority.

     B. With meta means to do so "impressively, convincingly"

     C. That is what Titus was told to do in 1:13

IV. Not allowing anyone to DISREGARD him

     A. Titus should not let any one consider him insignificant.

     B. He should not allow them to ignore him.

     C. Not because of Titus's importance.

          1. Rather, because of the importance of his message.

          2. This is very similar to what he told Timothy in I Tim. 4:12

To know the truth is not enough. To practice the truth is not enough. We must be effective communicators of truth! Titus had been derelict in his responsibilities to sound doctrine. Let's not let the same thing be true of us!