How To Grow

In Titus 1:5, inspired Paul gives the young missionary 2 directives on what he should do to help the struggling church in Crete. Today, it is the recipe for growing a congregation...


     A. Establish Elderships!
          1. Good solid leadership is an absolute need!
          2. Follow the pattern given by Paul
               a. Learn the Qualifications
               b. Teach them to others
               c. Recognize the importance
     B. This is what chapter 1 is about.
II. LIVING (v.5)
     A. Set in order what God wants!
     B. God has divine expectations
          1. Sometimes priorities and focus are lacking
     C. No demographic is neglected.
          1. All in His family are important!

If a congregation is to grow as it can and should,she must be set up in the way God says, and she must have a membership dedicated to truly living their faith. Are you involved in growing the church?