Hello, My Name Is...


Does your name fit you? All of us have probably met that guy (or gal) who have a name or a nickname that does not fit them. Maybe you know a "Tiny" who is 6'3 and 250. Perhaps you know a "Shorty" who is 6'8". On the other hand, you probably know some whose name suits them perfectly. Maybe you know a "Charity" who is always helping people. Perhaps you know a "Christian" who is a very Godly man. 

When people think of religions, what do they think of? "That is the bunch that is self-righteous." "That is the group who do not use a piano." "Those are the guys that sprinkle." "Those are the ones who follow the Pope." If they imagined us wearing one giant collective name tag when they think of the church, what would it say? Is the name tag they imagine "Hello, my name is The Church of Taking the Lord's Supper Every Week"? 

It is important to teach the doctrine found within the New Testament. What we believe and practice matters. However, when people look at us, they should not see the way we worship, the way we baptize, or any human being.

They should see LOVE. Jesus said people would know we are His disciples because of the LOVE we have for each other (John 13:34-35). When they see us they should see "Hello, My Name Is LOVE" and then think, "Yep, those are the ones following Christ. 

While we always should preach and teach truth, may we constantly be living in such a way that others will recognize our belonging to Christ, by the name tag of LOVE we show.