Titus: An Example For All

                                                      Photo courtesy of Michael Hite

                                                      Photo courtesy of Michael Hite

Having instructed Titus on God's expectations for the lives of older men in 2:2, the older women in 2:3-4a, the younger women in 2:4b-5, and the younger men in 2:6, Paul now shifts his focus. He now tells Titus what God expects of the young missionary. Not only is he to teach the proper things, he is to be an example to all around him.

First, Titus is to be an example in GOOD DEEDS. The preacher of Crete should model a beneficent spirit. This was especially needed on the island. Cretans were not kind people. They would just as soon run over you than help you. He should be an example of the opposite. God’s word has defined all the kinds of activities he wants his people to be involved in: things that are good - morally, or otherwise.

Second, Titus is to be an example with PURITY IN DOCTRINE. Satan likes nothing more than teachings that are mixed with the teachings of men. (See Matthew 15:8-9).

Third, Titus is to be an example in DIGNITY. The Cretans knew what honorable conduct was, even if they did not practice it often. Titus was to show it to them. The word used conveys seriousness and holiness.

Fourth, Titus is to be an example in SPEECH. He should use "sound speech which is beyond reproach." This doesn’t mean that Titus could somehow preach the Gospel in a way that will be free from criticism. It just means in normal conversation he is to be sound in all he says, and not be speaking out of both sides of his mouth.

What is the reason for all of this? He says, "That the opponent will be disarmed." In other words, the enemy may be put to shame. We should not give enemies of the gospel bad to say about us. They may try to tear us down, but we should not give them reason and opportunity to do so! It is so important to not only teach sound doctrine, but also to live it! Otherwise we cut the legs right out from underneath our teaching of God's word! Are you teaching sound doctrine? Are you living sound doctrine?