Great Leaders Pray


It is an awesome responsibility that leaders take on. Not only do they acknowledge their accountability for their own lives, they recognize their accountability for those they lead. Daniel was such a leader. Elders of the Lord’s church would do well to pay attention to the prayer he prays in Daniel 9:4-19. There we see 4 things that Daniel acknowledges.

First, Daniel acknowledged God’s greatness (9:4). The only way one may truly be great is to first be humble. Truly the only way a man may lead God’s people properly is to learn humility. It is important he remembers that God is in control, and God should receive glory and honor.

Second, Daniel acknowledged sin (9:5-11). As far as we can tell, it was not Daniel who had committed these sins. He was faithful to the point of putting his life at risk. Yet, he includes himself when he says “we” as he refers to the sins and rebellions of the people. A good leader not only holds himself accountable, he also prays for those under him.

Third, Daniel acknowledged God’s word (9:12-15). He recognized the punishment the Jews had received was just in the sight of God. He recognized they had been thoroughly warned. In so doing, Daniel was acknowledging the certainty of God’s word, a truth that all leaders of God’s people must recognize.

Fourth, Daniel acknowledged God’s forgiveness (9:16-19). He understood righteousness, grace, and blessing only could be found in the Lord. He begged for mercy and forgiveness. Those who would lead God’s people must recognize the only way that true success can be had is when they worship and serve Him.

Daniel serves as an example in so many aspects of our walk with the Lord. His prayer of Daniel 9 serves as a great illustration for God’s leaders to be men of prayer, not only for themselves, but for the people. When men of God prayerfully acknowledge God’s greatness, our sin, God’s word, and God’s forgiveness, they are well on their way to leading them back to Him.