I Know What To Do

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"I got this!" "I don't need help!" "I know what to do!" How often is that our attitude? We may not express it verbally or consciously. Still, we show this is the way we feel. There is nothing wrong with being confident, but far too often we become over confident. We know we should seek God's help and wisdom. We know we should pray. Yet, that is just for the big things, right?

At the end of II Samuel 5, David goes to God before two big battles with the Philistines. With God's help, he is victorious. Then, in chapter 6 (and the parallel passage of I Chronicles 13), David decides to move the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem. This is such a minor task, there is no need to go to God for such a trivial thing. After all, David knew what to do, right? God was not pleased. That may be surprising to us when we consider:

~The majority were in agreement, including the wisest and most religious (II Sam. 6:1-2; I Chron. 13:1-3).

~They used only the best. A brand new cart was used (II Sam. 6:3; I Chron. 13:7). Considering David's power, wealth and devotion, is there any doubt this was the finest cart in the kingdom?

~They did all to praise God, with all their might (II Samuel 6:5; I Chron. 13:8).

~They had the best of intentions in all they did (II Samuel 6:6; I Chron. 13:9).

Despite all of this God was ANGRY (II Samuel 6:7; I Chron. 13:10). How could Jehovah be angry when the most religious were in agreement, they used their best, they were only seeking to praise God, and their intentions were good? This was such a minor thing, certainly God would not care about a simple thing like how to move the Ark, right? Wrong. God became upset simply because they "did not seek Him according to the ordinance" (I Chron. 15:13).

Just when we think we know what to do is the time to pause and seek God's wisdom. In the world today there are many justifying religious practices and personal choices with the same good intentions and reasonings that David and the people used. Yet, God's desire is for us to do His will, not our own. So, when a task comes before us, great or small, we do know what to do! "Seek Him according to the ordinance" through prayer and the word. When we start with God's will, we will always succeed in His eyes!