Heal Life


There is much debate in our country surrounding the topic of abortion. However, as Christians, our job is not to win debates or settle politics ... it is to change lives with the Gospel of Christ. So, without political power or media platforms, how can we influence change on this issue? You may have seen the catch phrase, "Choose Life," which we would hope all would heed. However, maybe we should change the slogan to "Heal Life." May I suggest we begin that process with "love" (I John 3:1-3). That chapter goes on to show us at least three ways we can heal lives with love:

First, Loving TRUTH Heals Lives (I John 3:4-10). Instead of getting caught up in the debates of who has the most heart-clutching story, why not look to the true story of Jesus! Of all the ways Jehovah could have brought His Son in to the world, He chose conception, pregnancy and birth. The truth of when life begins is seen throughout scripture (Isa. 49:1-5; Jer. 1:5; Psa. 139:13-16; Job 3:13-16; 39:14-17. Is it any wonder that the Bible mentions the moment of conception over 40 times in the Bible? The truth is that moment is when Jehovah considers life to begin. Loving Truth enough to teach when life begins will Heal Lives.

Second, Loving OTHERS Heals Lives (I John 3:11-15).  So many are seeking real love to fill that void in their lives that they turn to illicit relationships. Pregnancies and abortions often follow. The hurt and pain that comes about causes a cycle of seeking fulfillment. What if we showed love to others as we should? Perhaps we could end the cycle of abortions! We are not suggesting we excuse wrong doing. However, far too many are quick to point out that abortion is murder, yet they do not treat those who have had abortions with love. The text says when we fail to love we are no better off. If we fail to love, inspired John writes, we ourselves are murderers. Loving is when healing begins.

Third, Loving GIVING heals lives (I John 3:16-18). Think about this. When God wanted to show His love, what did He do? He GAVE His Son. When Jesus wanted to show His love, what did He do? He GAVE His life. It is not enough to say we hate the sin and love the sinner. We must show it! We can give of our time to mentor teens and/or those considering abortions. We can give of our money to agencies that help women choose alternatives to abortions. We can give of our talents to help those agencies through volunteer work. We can give of our homes, perhaps to adopt those babies. We must give to show love! And Loving Giving helps to Heal Lives!

Doing these things may not end all abortions. However, it may prevent one abortion. It may save one life. It may heal one life. It may help save one soul. And if so, wouldn't that be worth it? One thing is for sure, lives will never be changed and lives will never be healed until we start showing others Jesus loving in us. the way we show others Jesus is through the truth we teach, the love we show, and the giving of ourselves. Then, and only then, lives are healed.