The Right Foundation


    They are really full-size, expensive Corvettes, but look like Matchbox toy cars in the 40-foot-wide by 20-door-deep sinkhole that swallowed them. It was the Facebook sensation that took place at the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green. Scientists from nearby Western Kentucky University have now determined the cause was a cave beneath. The museum is only a short drive from Mammoth Cave. It does, however, point to the importance of a proper foundation.

    In Ezra 3, the returning Jews were needing to work on rebuilding the temple. The first thing needed was a foundation. They had rebuilt the alter to restore their relationship with God. In verse 6, it says they were offering sacrifices but they had not yet laid the foundation. They could have no house for God without first laying a foundation to build upon. They became content with were they were. Eventually, workman and overseers were brought in for the work. The foundation was constructed, and eventually the temple would be built upon it. 

    How many times are we guilty of making the sacrifices without laying the right foundation in our lives like the Jews? We sacrifice our time by making sure we are at the building for services. We sacrifice our money by putting some in the plate. Yet, are we making sacrifices and then never laying the right foundation?  What is the real foundation of our lives? Have we built our lives on money, popularity, family, hobbies, or work? 

    Jesus taught in Matthew 7:24-27 the importance of our building on a proper foundation. Cain sacrificed the wrong things. Saul made a sacrifice he should not have. Nadab and Abihu made a strange sacrifice. Malachi said the Jews were making improper sacrifices. We may sacrifice all day. However, just like the Jews of Ezra’s day, if we do not build on the proper foundation, we still have not fulfilled God’s will.

    In Bowling Green, Kentucky, the Corvette losses are immeasurable. Among the losses was the one millionth Corvette and a Spyder concept car. One of a kind, priceless vehicles were lost because of an improper foundation. And yet, if we do not build our lives with a proper foundation of the word, prayer, dedication and obedience, we may lose something far more valuable: our soul.