Hidden Treasure


Officials in St. Cloud, FL, say a pickle jar full of old coins was found hidden in the walls of a recently torn down bungalow. About 2000 coins dating from 1919 to the 1930s were found, believed to be hidden by someone during the Great Depression. 

We teach our children the song This Little Christian Light of Mine, in which they sing, "Hide it under a bushel? NO!" Yet, how many of us are hiding treasure within ourselves? The Lord gives us all talents, Are we hiding those talents, or are we using them to bring glory and honor to the Lord? Are we sharing the Gospel of Jesus, or are we hiding it inside ourselves because of fear or shame?

Many during the Great Depression hid money to use later. Assuming that is how this jar of change ended up in the wall, the money did that person no good. It was good to store it up, but by leaving it hidden, it did no one any good. It is good for us to store up God's word in our hearts. But if we are keeping the Good News of the Christ and our talents hidden from the world, they do us, nor any one else, any good. How will you share the Gospel today?