Older Men


In Titus 2 and 3 Paul addresses the second of the two directives for the missionary Titus. The inspired apostle had already instructed him on appointing elders by writing of their necessity, their qualifications, and their work. Now, just exactly like he did with Timothy, Paul tells Titus, “I do not care what those guys are doing, you do right!” He expects Titus to speak sound doctrine! Titus needed to spend his time giving people that good information. So what is fitting? What were the things lacking in the church's lifestyle in Crete? Godliness and Morality is the answer, and Paul instructs what sound doctrine Titus should be teaching, one demographic at a time, beginning with the older men in 2:2. Older men should ........

    1. They are to be Temperate. 
    2. Word means “clear minded” (BDAG).
    1. Are to be Dignified.
    2. Word means “worthy or respect/honor, noble, dignified, serious” (BDAG).
    1. Are to be Sensible.
    2. Word means “being in control of oneself, prudent, thoughtful, self-controlled” (BDAG).
    1. Are to be sound. 
    2. Word means “Healthy, free from error.”
    3. Specifically mentions 3 areas older men need to be spiritually healthy in:
      1. In the Faith.
        1. Healthy or solid in The Doctrine.
        2. They know and follow the book.
      2. In Love.
        1. There is no excuse for being cranky old men!
        2. They must show love and kindness.
      3. In perseverance.
        1. Prove to others that the Christian life can be successfully lived and maintained.
        2. Show that one can weather the storms of life and endure!

It is over vital importance that older men be spiritually healthy! They are the ones who lead families and the church. Older men, are you leading your family and the church towards Godliness, or away from the Lord?