Keys To Success


Everyone wants to be successful. However, there are several ways one may define success. How about this: A king praises and honors you for what you have done, gives you gifts and riches, and makes you the ruler over all the land. Would that be considered successful? That is exactly what happened to Daniel under King Nebuchadnezzar (Dan. 2:46-49). It was not simply because he interpreted a dream. There were, however, three keys to Daniel’s success.

First, Daniel ASKED God (2:16-18). When faced with a problem, Daniel went to God in prayer. Throughout the Bible, when God’s people go to Him first, the are successful. When they fail to, the fail. Not only did Daniel pray, he had his three friends pray with him. What a blessing we miss out on when we try to handle things on our own and do not open up to brothers and sisters in Christ. Prayer is not only powerful (James 5:16), praying together brings us closer together. Daniel was successful because he asked God, but he did not stop there...

Second, Daniel APPRECIATED God (2:19-23). Daniel asked God for help, and he thanked God when he received the help he needed. How often do we turn to God when time are tough, or we need something, and then forget Him? When he blesses us with what we need and then some, do we thank Him for helping us? Daniel did. He thanked and praised God for answering his prayers. God does not need our thanks, but we do need to be thankful to Him (I Thes. 5:18). Daniel was successful because he asked God, and he appreciated God. Yet, there was one more key to his success...

Third, Daniel ACKNOWLEDGED God (2:26-30). If Daniel was tempted to take credit for what he was about to do, he never let it show. He quickly credited God with his ability and knowledge to tell the dream and its interpretation. We are what we are because of God. We have the talents and abilities we have because of Him. We have the opportunities because He opened those doors. When it works, we want all the credit. Daniel did not. He wanted God to receive the glory (I Cor. 10:31).

So, how can we be successful like Daniel? We may not have miraculous knowledge or the ability to interpret dreams. Yet, we can all be successful because we can all use the 3 keys to success of Daniel. We can ask God for help, thank Him in all things, and always do all for His glory and honor!