Older Women


In Titus 2 and 3 Paul addresses the second of the two directives for the missionary Titus. What were the things lacking in the church's lifestyle in Crete? Godliness and Morality is the answer, and Paul instructs what sound doctrine Titus should be teaching, one demographic at a time, what it means to be a Godly person. He needed to instruct them that God has expectations for their lives that only they, individually, could fill. He began with the older men in 2:2, and moves on to the older women in 2:3-4a. Notice he does not say "old" but "older" These are women who have lived long enough to raise their children. She has been a wife and Christian woman for long enough that she can used her experience to help the women who are younger than she is. Older women are to be ........

  1. Reverent in their Behavior 
    1. Word means to “live a life that befits a holy person”
    2. The root of the word means “temple”
    3. They are to live like priestess in the house of God
  2. Not Malicious Gossips
    1. They are to eliminate talk that is harmful and destructive
    2. Whether true or not - do not tear someone down by bearing tales!
  3. Nor enslaved to much wine 
    1. Alcoholism was a problem on the island
    2. Also dealt with it at Ephesus in I Tim. 3 
  4. Teaching what is good 
    1. What the older women were to teach that was “good” is found in vv. 4-5
    2. Women need to understand they have a ministry - an educational ministry
    3. Especially towards young women - v. 4
  5. Encouraging the younger women
    1. Not only teach them the kind of women to be but encourage them
    2. Let them know they live the life of a Godly woman, wife and mother
    3. Let them know it is the most rewarding life they can live!

Contrary to the opinion of many, the Bible does not negate women - It gives them very important roles, jobs, and ministries that only they can fill! It is of vital importance that older women follow this "sound doctrine" so they can be spiritually healthy! Older women, are you influencing your family and the church towards Godliness, or away from the Lord?