What Must I Do?


Sometimes we get a "bare necessities" way of thinking. I want to know the least I must do to get a paycheck or some other type of reward. Sadly, that way of thinking creeps into the minds of God's children on occasion. This "bare necessities" way of thinking will not allow us to grow as we should, and will not keep us working as we should. As the inspired apostle Paul writes in Romans 1, he emphasizes the proper attitude all followers of Christ must have. He makes three "I am" statements that shows his understanding of what God expected of Him.

I Am Under Obligation (1:14). He was so because of all God had done for him. God has done the same of us, so this is an obligation we all should feel (8:12). In response to God's saving him, Paul felt obligated to both the Greeks and the non-Greek speaking Gentiles; to those wise and foolish. Just like Paul, we are under obligation to all men because of God's salvation.

I Am Eager To Preach (1:15). He was obligated, but he was eager to meet that obligation! He was obligated to teach them what he learned to be saved, and because it was good news, he was eager to do so. This is not just a verse for preachers. All Christians should feel obligated to be evangelistic. All should be eager to teach and preach (1:8; I Pet. 3:15).

I Am Not Ashamed (1:16). The word here means a feeling of embarrassment that keeps one from doing right. One may feel obligated and eager, but still not share the Gospel if he or she feels embarrassed or ashamed. This may be the number one reason we do not spread the Gospel. Paul said nothing could keep him from telling it. The same must be true of us.

When we can begin to grasp the awesomeness that the Creator of all saved me, I will feel the obligation to tell others the Good News that was told to me. I will be eager to tell of the saving love and grace of God. I will not only feel strongly about it, but will also not be ashamed to do something about it. Then and only then will "bare necessities" thinking be expelled from the mind of all God's children. We will know what we must do when we understand what "I am."