God's Overseers Part 2


aul continues his inspired instruction to Titus regarding appointing elders by giving the qualifications of those men who would lead. 

    1. Above reproach
      • Does not mean perfect
      • Does mean he deals with his sins properly
      • Will use it again, and adds "as God's steward" (Literally "house law")
      • He is responsible for making sure God's rules are followed in God's house
    2. Not self-willed - Not Stubborn - II Pet. 2:10
    3. Not quick tempered - Not hot-headed
    4. Not addicted to wine
      • Literally says "Not around wine"
      • Social drinking is not acceptable
    5. Not fond of sordid gain - Not willing to make a buck by hook or crook
    6. Loves what is good (morally)
      • The people of Crete loved worldly things
      • Elders should love things that are really good
    7. Sensible - In control of oneself, self-controlled
    8. Just - One who gives every man what is due
    9. Devout - One who is sincerely religious and devoted to God
    10. Self-controlled - Has himself mastered in all aspects
    1. Husband of one wife
      • Does not just mean he is married - there is another word for that which Paul did not use.
      • Literally a "one woman man"
      • Must be totally dedicated and committed to his wife
    2. Children who believe
      • Not accused of dissipation
      • Not accused of rebellion
      • See I Tim. 3:4
    1. Not pugnacious - In other words, not a bully
    2. Hospitable - Literally, "Loves Strangers"
    1. Holds fast the faithful word - Knows it and lives by - Able to use it properly
    2. Able to exhort in sound doctrine - On the positive side
    3. Refute those who contradict - On the negative side

Far too often we make this just a checklist. While one must have all of these qualities, they are not just a checklist we can run down. Is this man a guy that is defined by these things? If so, he is a man that is fit to lead God's people as part of an eldership!