Christian Workers

Paul moves on in his direction of the Sound Doctrine Titus should be preaching in verses 9-10 of chapter 2. There he addresses servants (Bondslaves). As a servant, slave, employee or worker, what should a Christian be like? Sound doctrine teaches there are necessary responsibilities ... 

First, understand that the direction he gives regarding working for another is applicable IN EVERYTHING! That does not leave any wiggle room. So, in your diligence, your trustworthiness, your respectfulness, your attention to detail, your effort, your responsibilities - in every thing - a Christian must be the kind of worker, the kind of servant, and the kind of employee that he or she ought to be.

Second NO STEALING! Perhaps this is the biggest temptation for a slave or an employee. Pilfering - skimming - taking a little off the top for themselves - whatever you might like to call it, is still stealing! The attempt to justify oneself by thinking of how much the boss has, how much the company has, or how much you may "need" something does not work. Stealing is stealing, and stealing is always sin! 

Third remember what you represent. "Adorning the doctrine of God" - What a beautiful phrase! Why should one be careful to work hard be honest, and strive to be the best employee or servant one can be? You have put on Christ! In so doing, you put on His teaching. Some of the loudest sermons we will ever preach are the ones that people see in the way we live our lives! So, does the doctrine of God look good on you? Or do you make it look bad?

It is imperative that Christians conduct themselves as such in the workplace. That is one of the places where we will probably spend the most time in our lives, usually second only to the home. What message are we sending our bosses, our fellow workers, and/or our customers? Are we bringing praise, honor, and glory to God, or shame and reproach?