The Gospel Of God


Many would say it is Paul's greatest letter that has been preserved for us. As Paul begins that letter to the Romans, he begins with the greatest of all messages: The Gospel of God! A careful study of the opening passage in that masterpiece epistle shows some important facts about the Gospel of God. An easy way to follow Paul's teaching on these facts is to notice his use of prepositions in the passage. 

Paul was set apart FOR the Gospel of God (1:1). The word "saint" means "set apart." In verse 7 he says Christians are saints. We are set apart from the world by the gospel to share the gospel.

God promised it through the prophets (1:2). He had done so through their teaching and writing, as mentioned in 3:21 and 16:26. God has always had a plan for man, though man has often rejected it (11:3).

The Gospel is concerning His Son (1:3). The Good News concerning His Son Jesus is that He defeated death (1:4). As such, He gave His Son (8:32) and provides reconciliation (5:10) from the separation our sins caused (8:3). 

Jesus is 100% man, of a descendent of Davidaccording to the flesh (1:3). Part of the Good News from God is that His Son became a man for us! In so doing, He fulfilled the prophecies that God had promised!

Jesus is 100% God, with powery the resurrectionaccording to the Spirit (1:4). He proved Himself to be through the resurrection. The Spirit declared Him to be so also, as seen in John 1:29-34. Paul taught this duality of roles and the Good News it brought in Philippians 2.

The Gospel of God is that through Jesus we have received grace and apostleship (1:5). That is, we have received the unmerited favor of God's gift in Jesus. Because of this, we are sent to share this Good News to bring about obedience, by making it known among all the Gentiles. Our preaching and teaching this Good news is all for His name's sake.

We were called by this this Gospel of God to Jesus Christ among all the nations (1:6). The Gospel is for all, including you and me!

The Gospel of God is Good News! It means we can have salvation! That means it is not only Good News, it is the Greatest News of all! For that reason, we should be sharing it with all!