Younger Men

                               Photo courtesy of Michael Hite Photography

                               Photo courtesy of Michael Hite Photography

In Titus 2 and 3 Paul is addressing the second of the two directives for the missionary Titus. What were the things lacking in the church's lifestyle in Crete? Godliness and Morality is the answer. Paul instructs what sound doctrine Titus should be teaching, one demographic at a time; what it means to be a Godly person. He needed to instruct them that God has expectations for their lives that only they, individually, could fill. He began with the older men in 2:2, the older women in 2:3-4a, and the younger women in 2:4b-5. He then gets down to the younger men.  ........

Titus 2:6 says, "Likewise urge the young men to be sensible." That is right. Only one solitary thing is said to the young men! Apparently, things are so deplorable with the young men that is all he can say. The young men and the lifestyle they lead are so bad, Paul is saying let's just focus on one thing at a time. So he tells Titus to just instruct them to think. This is a key word in Titus that is translated here "sensible," which we have discussed in previous groups. the idea is to just think before you act. Paul is saying, "Let’s just start there, and work our way up." 

In Proverbs 23:7, the wise man says, "For as he thinks within himself, so he is." That is why thinking before we act or speak is so important. As a man, I can attest that this is not a strong point in most young men. Most young men are very impetuous. How many times have we said or done something only to regret it later?

That is why Philippians 4:8 says to think on that list of noble things. Romans 12:2 says we must renew our minds. Colossians 3:2 says we are to set our minds on things that are above. The way we do that is shown in Psalm 119:15. "I will meditate on Your precepts
And regard Your ways." We have to be in God's word to change our way of thinking!

Youth is no excuse for improper behavior (I Tim. 4:12). Though it may be tough, even as young men we must train ourselves to think before we act. Study God's word. Think on God's word. Live out God's word. And in so doing, be an example of what a believer should be!