With Great Eagerness

The Bible says that the people of Berea “received the word with great eagerness” Acts 17:11. About 1986 Mr. Wong (not his real name) sat in his tiny room in Shanghai, China, turning the dial on his short-wave radio.  Whatever he hoped to listen to that night ended as he turned his radio dial into station KNLS-Anchor Point, Alaska.  Mr. Wong’s interest was suddenly stirred by an offer where he could write to receive a free Bible Correspondence Course through the mail. Several weeks passed during which time he received, completed, and returned his answers to be graded by Sue Austin, a World Bible School teacher. Mr. Wong was a university graduate and had a good command of the English language. She was excited to note that he signed his name requesting someone to come and baptize him. Jack McGhee, a missionary in Hong Kong, contacted him, made arrangements, and flew deep into Red China to visit with him.  They spent two days studying the Bible.   He baptized him into Christ and then on Sunday they worshipped together as he instructed this babe in Christ how to worship God each Sunday. Isn’t this a wonderful example of one who received “the word with great eagerness”(Acts 17:11)?  The world needs more “Mr. Wongs.”   (My apology for not giving the source of this information. I read it in a brotherhood magazine about 30 years ago, but do not remember which one).